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Organizing Solutions
“Clear the Clutter”

Home Organizing

Organizing Solutions can help you make your home a sanctuary, not a source of stress.
I can bring that sense of peace back to your home by helping you:

  • “Clear the Clutter”
  • Making the most of limited space
  • Weeding out unneeded items
  • Simplifying your life so you have time to enjoy it

Office Organizing

I can make your office more efficient by working with you, one on one, to sort out and create a customized filing system that will work for you, not against you. After working with Organizing Solutions you will have:

  • Guidelines for what to keep and what to toss
  • A desk clear of clutter
  • An organized place for your papers and supplies
  • A streamlined bill-paying system
  • Organized, easy to locate computer files

I will teach you not only how to make the best use of your space, but also how to deal with daily office interruptions like mail, phone calls and e-mail.


Organizing Solutions can assist you in the time leading up to and following your move. I will help you “Clear the Clutter”, maximize space for an effective sale and purge the items you will not be taking to your new home.

After your move, take a break. Let the Organizing Solutions relieve the stress of unpacking and settling in. I will take care of everything from setting up the kitchen to making the beds, getting you unpacked and settled in quickly.


Organizing Solutions gives presentations to a variety of groups, from large businesses and government agencies to small social groups. The topic of the presentation is up to you, and can range from office efficiency and time management to your home.

Gift Certificates

Most of us wish for more time to do the things that are really important in our lives. Now, you can give that gift certificate from Organizing Solutions “Clear the Clutter” that is perfect for any occasion.